Friday 28 June 2013

Novgorodians 9

I've completed the final 6 models for the Novgorod force for the Baltic Crusades project. Oh yes, it's always a nice feeling when a project is finished.

Here they are in all their splendour:

Another angle:

The models are all from Gripping Beast.

And finally, here is a shot of the two city militia forces as I will field them, armed with a mix of spears and missile weapons:

We had our first game featuring the Novgorodians last night – an ambush on a Swedish baggage train of sledges – and they performed surprisingly well. This was also an opportunity to take some pictures of the whole force with some nice looking terrain in the background. An AAR should eventually appear on Dalauppror's blog. Meanwhile, here is a teaser pic of the table from the Novgorodian starting table edge:

In the upper right corner, you can see the Swedish force, just visible behind the woods.

Hopefully some of the pictures will make into the finished game when it's published by Osprey sometime next year.

As a result of this project being completed, there is now a serious dent in the lead mountain. But fear not! I've already ordered more models to restore the mountain to its former glory – and then some – for future projects.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I really like how you did the Novgorodians Jonas, I hope they fight as well as they are painted. Look forward to reading the AAR.

  2. Great looking troops, the two guys in the center (first and second pic) are really impressive, fantastic work!

  3. Very nice looking minis Jonas and even better IRL.

    I can also assure that they gave a good fight, but Swedish Crusaders a tought nut to crac;)

    Best regards Michael

  4. These look great. This will be another great blog to follow.

  5. Splendid warband, Jonas! I'm interested to see how they play. Good luck against Michael's bunch!

  6. Many thanks for your kind words gentlemen – I'm glad you like them!

  7. Thanks! I really should post some better pictures of the whole warband ...