Monday 18 April 2016

Salute 2016: The Battle of Foteviken 1134

Well I'm safely back in Sweden after my visit to Salute this past weekend. I had a very nice time, met up with some very nice people and had the honour of being part of a terrific team. It was extremely satisfying seeing this project finally come together like this.

Thank you to Michael for taking the lead on this whole project and a truly heroic painting effort; to Jan for his stunning terrain and wonderful ships; to Jesper for lovely painting and, as always, being an most enjoyable opponent; to Colin for, amongst other things, his help in setting up the table, repairing damaged models and not least his tireless chatting to everyone who came to see the table; to Steve for helping out with everything, playing and being a thoroughly nice and enthusiastic chap; to Tony for making sure we didn't get in the way of anyone taking photos.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who came to see us, ask questions and compliment the game. We had a steady stream of visitors throughout the day – and a fair few times it was really cramped around the table – and I was truly humbled by all the nice things people had to say about the terrain, modelling and painting.

Here are some pictures of the game. I'll be back with another post with pictures of some of the other games I found while walking around on my breaks. Enjoy!

A modest start.

Starting to come together.

The table and miniatures all set-up.

We had a swanky rollup, designed by yours truly,
to welcome the visitors. 

Close-up of Jan's stunning ships.

Someone saw the trouble ahead and made a dash for it.

Mercenary German cavalry riding through the village.

The Scanian welcome committee.

Danish invaders.

The battle lines starting to close in.

Lots of details to explore on the table.
The fire had a flickering LED-light in it – very nice!

The cavalry making slow but steady progress.

The battle is beginning to take its toll:
soon there will be more models off the table than on ...

Time for some fresh reinforcements ...

... and off we go again.

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Foteviken 1134: The Last of the Cavalry

These past weeks have seen me frantically painting to meet the deadline before the trip to London and Salute. Consequently, there has been very little time for blogging or even visting other blogs.

However, now I've finally finished the last of my models for our demonstration game The Battle of Foteviken 1134. Some more cavalry, bringing the total up to 36.

Just like the other units, this one has a mix of miniatures from Black Tree Design and Gripping Beast. I had to scrape the barrel, so to speak, for this last lot and as a result they have a bit more mixed appearance than the earlier ones. And honestly, they are a bit rushed in places. Anyway, they should blend in nicely with the others.

Even though this has been a fun project, where I've had to push my painting capacity a bit which has certainly been a useful learning experience, I think I'm done with mounted models for a while now ...

At Salute, we will be at GA15, just to the right after the entrance – see the map above. If you're at the show, please come by and say hello!