Saturday 31 December 2011

Current Projects

Well if I'm going to get this thing rolling I need to form some sort of plan and to do that I need to know where I am right now and start prioritizing (more on that in a later post).

Let's start with a list of my current projects and their status:

Two warbands, Vikings and Anglo-Danish, 4 points each to start with but eventually I want to bring them up to 6 points.

Warlord – done
Hirdmen (4) 1 pt – done
Bondi, hand weapons (8) 1 pt – done
Bondi, spears (8) 1 pt  – 3/8 done
Ulfhednar (4) 1 pt – Almost done

As usual I will do all the bases at the end, so the done aren't really "done-done" yet.

To bring them up to 6 points I will add a unit of 12 archers and another unit of 4 hirdmen.

Huscarls with axes (4) 1 pt
Huscarls with spears (4) 1 pt
Ceorls (16) 2 pts

I haven't started on these yet, but since the vikings took a little longer than expected I will probably do these quickly using Army Painter's dip.

Added to these will be a unit of 12 slingers and some more huscarls to bring the warband up to 6 points. 

Basic Impetus
Two Wars of the Roses armies, early Lancasters and Yorks, using 6 mm Baccus miniatures. The original plan was to cover all the options for both armies, bringing the total number of bases to 24. An easier approach would be to stick with the basic lists, and a total of 17 bases.

Here I've only managed to finish all 4 bases of dismounted men-at-arms/nobles. The 4 bases of billmen are mounted on painting sticks and undercoated. 

Blood Bowl
Human team, "Altdorf Altdorfers". 14 miniatures.

Won these classic miniatures on eBay in the beginning of last year when I had a sudden urge to play Blood Bowl. Really struggled with painting these as they have a sort of weird feel to them, very "unclean" in an old school way. I'd say I'm about 70–80% done, but looking at them now I'm not very happy about the painting and just want to strip them and start over. Well, we'll see.

So there you have it, my list of unfinished projects. Of course, if I were to look closer I'd come up with a couple of more, older ones (to say nothing of all the miniatures bought and added to the dreaded lead pile ...). These are the projects started in 2011.

A New Beginning

Hi there!

My name is Jonas. I'm 37 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden with my fiancé and our baby boy.

I've been gaming for most of my life, mostly RPGs but also boardgames and miniatures wargames.

This blog will be an excuse to post about my various wargaming projects, with a sprinkle of battle reports, random ramblings and whatever takes my fancy.

Like many (most?) wargamers I suffer from "oh shiny"-syndrome, starting many projects but finishing few. This past year, 2011, has been a complete disaster in that regard. I therefore vow that 2012 shall be my Year of Finishing Stuff and this blog will hopefully help me accomplish that.

Please stay along for the ride if you like – post comments, ask questions and cheer me on.

Thanks for reading,