Sunday 28 February 2016

Project F Revealed: Foteviken 1134 at Salute 2016

The time has come to finally reveal the first details of the elusive "Project F": This is the code name for our early medieval demonstration game at Salute 2016 – The Battle of Foteviken 1134.

On June 4th 1134, the forces of King Niels of Denmark and his rival, the Jarl of Scania Erik Emune, clashed by the bay of Foteviken. The battle was not only a struggle for the Danish crown, but also for the archbishophood of Scania and a chance for Jarl Erik to avenge the death of his brother.

We will give more details of the background for the battle and set-up of our game, during the run up to Salute, so be sure to check back.

The project is master-minded by the ever industrious Michael/Dalauppror, and based on an idea by our man on the ground, Swede in exile and terrain builder extraordinaire Jan. Those of you who saw the fantastic table Jan built for last years's participation game, Stockholm 1392, knows he's a very talented man indeed and this year's build promises to be even more impressive.

Together with club chairman Jesper, I have been drafted into painting some of the necessary models for the demonstration game, although the bulk will be done by Michael. He's putting us both to shame though, as I think he's finished most of his share already!

Be sure to catch all the updates for the project on Michael's and Jesper's blogs respectively.

Salute 2016 will be held at ExCel London on April 16th. Our table will be a GA15, just to the right after the entrance. We hope to see you there!

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Project F: Early Medieval Soldiers 3

It's been a bit quiet around here lately due Real Life intervening in the form of colds, stomach bugs, work and whatnot.

However, amongst all this I have managed to keep Project F chugging along and have now finished the final batch of mounted models: 11 more to bring the total up to 24. Only Gripping Beast models this time, apart from a Black Tree Design horse thrown in for some extra variety.

I'm still working on the flags, but I didn't want to wait until these were finished until I posted this. I thought I'd take some snaps of the whole force, flags and all, and post them here later.

Now it's on to the foot soldiers!

For those of you waiting for details about Project F, hang in there – it should be any day now ...