Wednesday 5 June 2013

Alternatives to Google Reader?

Hey, I was just reminded that Google Reader will disappear in less than a month. What do you people use, or plan to use, as an alternative?

I quite like the simple UI of Google Reader and preferably want something in the same, clean style. Of course, I need to be able to import my old feeds into the new reader.

All tips are greatly appreciated!


  1. I like commafeed, but it's not fully polished.

    'The Old Reader' is similar.

    I use Feedly currently, but I'm not that big a fan.

    Don't kill Reader!

  2. I've been using Feedly and have gotten used to it, but it is not perfect. For some reason it is not showing all of my blogroll's updates. I had to add one blog that was on my list but wasn't showing up. Of course blogger is also not showing me some updates so who knows.

  3. Thanks guys! Seems like a couple of interesting options to look further into.