Tuesday 11 June 2013

A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict

The guys down at the club have been working on a fun little project called "A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict". It's more or less a Swedish version of "A Very British Civil War", were the Ådalen shootings serves as a starting point for a civil war. But being Swedish, it's of course a more "lagom" conflict, and not all out war.

It's a great project, loads of fun in the AVBCW spirit, and the guys have worked hard to get all the bits into place: Dalauppror has built some great terrain and tweaked some rules to use, Ulf and Matts have written a background complete with an alternative timeline, and Björn has even commissioned his own range for the project. Very cool indeed!

Last night was the first game of the project, and naturally I tagged along to join in on the fun. And fun it was! We were 9 players in total, plus our very patient umpire Dalauppror – with this many players I imagine it was somewhat like herding cats.

The scenario revolved around an attack by the Reds on a filling station (fuel being in short supply, both sides wanted to have control of this) while the Whites (or the Army in this case) tried to hold them off. Dice were thrown, laughs were had, and men fell on both sides (but mostly on the Red).

In the end, despite receiving reinforcements and even taking out the army's tank, the Reds had taken such a beating that they found it best to retreat and fight another day. Or as they said, "To root out the bourgeois traitors in our ranks".

You can find an excellent AAR on Dalauppror's blog – do check it out.

I played on the Red team, and although we lost the game, I haven't had this much fun in good while. So ... I'm now seriously pondering taking the leap and paint up some Red militia types in the form of anarcho-syndicalists. A group of 6 models and a leader should be enough to get me started – especially if we're doing more multi-player games.

Now, to find some suitable models ...


  1. Greate blog post Jonas ! Like hearding cattle indeed:)

    Nice to hear that you had a good game and that you even was lured in to a new project;)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Nice post!!! A good idea too.

  3. It looked like a fun game. Yeah anarcho-syndicalists! It'll be interesting to see where you go with it.

  4. Thanks guys! I just have to finish the Novgorodians before I'm allowed to buy any new miniatures ... ;)