Sunday 3 March 2013

FIW French 7

I had hoped to have the indians for my French force finished by this weekend, but as real life have been very hectic this was not to be. Some progress have been made though, as you can see. What's left to do are highlighting the clothing, the wood parts, some details (straps, bags, knifes etc) and of course the war paints.

My aim is to have them done by next weekend. Barring any unforseen interruptions this shouldn't be a problem. I hope ...

It will be good to have this project finished as it's been dragging on a bit too long due to illness and whatnot. Now I'm itching to get started on my Novgorod force for the Baltic Crusade project. We've already played a couple of games with Dalauppror's excellent crusaders and heathens, and I feel the heathens could use some heavy cavalry support in the form of Novgorodian druzhinas to match those Swedish knights.

Oh, and of course we should get some games of Muskets&Tomahawks going!


  1. looking great, full of character
    Peace James

  2. Very good painting Jonas !

    Looking forward to see some Novgorodians, seems like they are needed to stop the Crusader Knights;)

    Best regards Michael