Sunday 10 March 2013

FIW French 8

Well, here they are – the final (at least for now!) unit for my French FIW force for Muskets&Tomahawks.

I struggled a bit with the war paintings, trying a couple of different patterns and redoing some before settling on the ones you see here. At first I wasn't too pleased with them but now I think they turned out alright. The Hurons apparently used purple, as well as red and black, for their war paintings but I saved that colour for potential future reinforcements ...

Anyway, here is a shot of the group from behind.

The miniatures are all from North Star.

As always it's very satisfying to complete a project, even a small one such as this. I have some work left on the movement trays, although these are a bonus and not really part of this project. When those are finished, I'll take some snaps of the assembled force.

Our first game is booked for Monday the 18th – I'm looking forward to the French's first outing!


  1. Greate paint job Jonas !!!

    Group picture:)

    Looking forward to our forst game! Seems like I have to hurry up finishing my last 13 woodlandindians...

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael!

      Group pictures are coming later this week.

  2. Nice work Jonas, nice colours!

    1. Thanks Ray, I'm glad you like them!

      I tried using the same range of colours on all the groups, with slight variations, to tie them all together as a unit.