Saturday 23 February 2013

FIW French 6

Just when I'd beaten the stomach flu last week, I got hit with another cold that left me knocked-out for a couple of days. This sure is turning out to be a winter of sickness.

Consequently I've not made much progress on the indians for my French force for FIW. As you can see, only the bases have been drybrushed and the skin parts have had their first layer painted on. Models are all from North Star.

Let's hope I'm back in the saddle for real this time, and will be able to press on with these models in the coming week. Then hopefully they will be finished (or mostly finished anyway) by next weekend. Fingers crossed and all that ...

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Good to heare that you are geting better Jonas !

    The Woodland indians look good so far;)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Thanks Michael!

    Hopefully this was the last time you all heard me whining about my health this winter ...