Friday 15 February 2013

Home Made Cavalry Trays

No update on the FIW project this week as I've been down with a nasty stomach flu for a couple of days, unable to do anything but crawl around on the bathroom floor begging for mercy. Yesterday I finally managed to crawl out of there and do some prep work on the indians though. Hopefully there'll be some pictures next week.

Instead here are some shots of the cavalry movement trays I made for the Welsh Dark Ages army. Nothing spectacular, and I've already shown the models a while back, but it's a nice feeling when that little part of the project left to do is finally done. (All miniatures by Gripping Beast and flag and shields by Little Big Men Studios.)

The base is 2 mm mdf, custom cut by Warbases to match their regular 2 by 3 movement trays I use for infantry. I then glued down some strips of pine wood from the local hobby shop and finished them off in my usual basing style. (In the end it probably would have been both cheaper and easier to just let Warbases do the whole job, but what would be the fun in that?)

As there were an uneven number of models to fill the trays, I made an extra "filler" base. This way I can use the big base as light/skirmishing horse.

Photographing these made me realise I've forgotten to take some pictures of the whole army, like I promised back when it was finished. Oh well ...

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Glad that you are better!!!

    Very nice trays !

    Would be nice to play against them. maybe then the TFL raid book are out

  2. Great stuff, like how you've matched the bases and trays. I always enjoy doing little jobs like this myself too, much better than paying someone else to do it.

  3. Sorry but that made me laugh, "crawling around on the bathroom floor begging for mercy"
    Great looking figures though!!!

  4. Thanks guys!

    I'm glad some of you found it amusing ... ;)