Tuesday 29 January 2013

FIW French 3

This will be a short update without pictures I'm afraid, as this past week has not been very good hobby-wise due to both me and my son coming down with the flu. As a result I've not gotten very far on the unit of canadian militia, just priming them and drybrushing the bases. Although to be honest, the priming was done last weekend while waiting for the varnish to dry on the compagnie franches de la marines.

I've also drybrushed six of these nifty irregular movement trays from Warbases. Originally I planned to use them for Dux Britanniarum, but thought they looked good when Dalauppror used them for his Mohawks and I've also seen a couple of battle reports were they were used for Muskets and Tomahawks, so I thought I'd give them a go.

Now that I'm feeling better, it's back to the militia. Hopefully I'll be back with a new update during the weekend, this time with pictures.


  1. God to hear that you and the son are better. But you konow that without pictures nothing have happend... ;)

    best regards Michael

  2. Dalauppror, well as a matter of fact nothing *did* happen so no pictures is very fitting. ;)