Monday 21 January 2013

FIW French 2

I've finally finished my first unit for the French and Indian War project, the Compagnie Franches de la Marine. As I spent some extra time on these, adding three highlights (or rather a re-applying of the basecoat and then two highlights) after the washes was applied, coupled with the many fiddly details, they sure took their time. I went for a new approach with the bases, giving them a little more attention than usual, to make them look more forest-like.

Both the miniatures and the bases came out quite nice I think, so in the end it was worth the extra time spent on them. I'm particulary pleased with the whites and off-whites on the shirts and capotes, even if there are always ways to improve my painting. I'll also keep experimenting with the bases as they still could use some extra details to make them look even better.

Anyway, here are some closeups.


All miniatures are from North Star Minis.

Now it's on to the next unit – the miliciens.

And finally, a warm welcome to my new follower CLAM. Thanks for joining up!


  1. Stunning Work Jonas !!!

    Very impressive!

    Will be nich to let my Mohawks whip them up;)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Unusual and very, very nice work!

  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated!

  4. Wonderful painting, Jonas. And seing such nice ones makes it darn hard not to start another period :-\

  5. Cheers CLAM!

    C'mon, you know you want to ... ;)