Thursday 29 March 2012

No SAGA, But More Warbands

As it turns out I will have to wait another week or so for my first taste of SAGA as the game planned for this coming Sunday has to be postponed. Oh well, it gives me time to prepare some more terrain I guess.

As most of you are aware, "Northern Fury", the first supplement for SAGA, are up for pre-order everywhere on the Internet (or so it seems). I realized my newly finished anglo-danish warband could easily be morphed into an anglo-saxon one. And say what you will about the anglo-danish, but in my opinion the anglo-saxons are a bit more ... iconic.

Doing some easy counting, there are only nine miniatures to be painted, as the warriors could be used in both warbands: two units of four thegns each and a new warlord. Great!

Fortunately, I have a box of Gripping Beast's plastic thegns, which means I don't have to buy any new miniatures. Again, great, as I'm off on paternity leave in just one day and trying hard not to spend more money than necessary.

Yet more work to fill the my time in waiting for that first game of SAGA!

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