Sunday 25 March 2012

Anglo-Danish Warband

Last weekend I finally managed to finish my anglo-danish warband for SAGA and today I took the time to snap some shots of them. I'm the first to admit I'm not a very good painter. My miniatures look OK on the tabletop but terrible in close-ups were you can see all the mistakes and short cuts. You have been warned ...

The anglo-danes were painted using simple block colours and Army Painter strong tone dip. To add some depth to the models a single highlight was added to the skintones before brushing on the dip. Afterwards I also added highlights to the wood areas on the huscarls (the shafts of spears and axes, and the back of shields) to make them stand out a bit more.

Here are some closer shots of the different units. First off we have the huscarls with the mighty dane-axes.

Here is the second unit of huscarls, more traditionally armed but still sporting fabulous facial-hair.

Enough with the fancy stuff, here is the first unit of the hard working warriors.

And here is the second unit of warriors. Salt o' the earth types one and all.

Finally, the man behind it all – the mighty (and hopefully victorious) warlord. He has had his axe swapped for a bigger one – size really does matter as we all know. I spent a little more time painting him, using the traditional 3–4 layer technique (and/or some washes) instead of the dip

Figures by Gripping Beast and transfers by Little Big Men Studios.

Next up for a photoshoot are the vikings, which I actually finished before these guys. 

Oh, and if everything goes to plan, fingers crossed, I will get my first game of SAGA next weekend ...

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