Friday 21 December 2012

Dark Ages Welsh 10

Well, here it is – the final batch of models to be finished for the Dark Ages Welsh project. These are eight Teulus/elites, the Welsh lord's or king's personal companions. To be honest, when painting the first unit I was lazy, leaving out some details to save time. However, this time I was willing to put in a little extra effort and have at least a couple of these new Teulus with tartan patterns. I think they turned out pretty good and so it was definitely worth the extra time it took to finish them. (Hm, maybe I will go back and add some patterns on the finished characters at least?)

On Tuesday, I fortunately received the order from Little Big Men Studios I put in last week, which meant I didn't have to wait until January to finish off the last details like flags. This in turn means this project is now completed – woho!

I really struggled with photographing these models, as I'm depending on natural light and there aren't much of that here in Sweden at the moment (it being the winter solstice and all). But eventually I managed to take some OK close-ups:

The miniatures are all from Gripping Beast, and the shield transfers as well as the flag are from Little Big Men Studios.

I'm very pleased to finally have such a big (for me anyway) project finished, and within my deadline of the end of the year too. Now I need to arrange to take some pictures of the whole assembled force, but this will have to wait until January when I'm back from my Christmas holiday.

Of course, I have already started on my next project but won't tell you what it is for a while yet, not until I have some miniatures to show. For now, the only clue I'll give you is that it's something like 1300 years between the Arthurian era and the era for this new project ...

Last of all I'd like to say a warm welcome to Phil and wish you all a great weekend!


  1. Great looking figures, love the shields and flag!

    1. Thanks Ray!

      The shields and flag are from LBMS – really great stuff and highly recommended.

  2. They look great! The extra effort with patterns really pays off.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, now I kind of wish I had done some tartans on the first bunch of Teulus too ...

  3. Stunning work Jonas !!!

    Very nice tartan patterns.

    Will be nice to defeat them in the upcomming Dux Bellorum game;)

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks mate!

      You seem to be on a roll so I don't have high hopes for our Dux Bellorum game. But anything can still happen ... ;)