Monday 22 October 2012

Wild West Posse 1

First of all a warm welcome to my new followers: Anibal Invictus, DFlynSqrl, laughingferret, Philip Wright, The Angry Lurker and Ubique Matt. Don't hesitate to drop a question or comment or two!

On to today's business then: As some of you may remember I bought the big starter pack for Foundry's The Rules with No Name way back in January, with the intent to get som Legends of the Old West games going. I managed to finish the first of the two posses, apart from the bases and varnishing, sometime in March or April (can't remember exactly when). The plan was to paint up the other posse as well, before finishing off the bases and so on.

As it happened, I only got the second batch primed and the first layer of their skin painted before this whole dark ages business got in the way during the late spring. Since then they have been put aside, patiently awaiting my return. This whole time I've been determined to finish the project before the end of the year, even though I don't think I will get any games going in the immediate future as my interest in this period has dipped quite a bit to be honest.

Anyway, with the first stage of the Welsh project finished, it's now time to revisit these fellas. Finishing the first posse was easy: A couple of quick and sloppy drybrushes on the bases to make them look suitably dusty, some varnishing, some tufts and they were done. Nice and fast.

Here they are in all their righteous glory, ready to bring the outlaws to justice (i.e. the gallows). The miniatures are all Foundry – nice enough, with a lot of character for sure, but nothing that justifies their (still) exorbitant prices.

Now on to the second posse – the outlaws! I started them last week but time was short as I was away for the weekend. There's a bit more work left on this posse, and I won't get much painting done over this coming weekend either. However, hopefully they will be done before then.


  1. Very nice paint job Jonas !!!

    As it happen i also got a bunch, 40 or so, wild west minis and a town to, but it need some renovation... See you at main street at High Noon;)

    Best regards Michael

  2. They look great! Good paintjob and nice choice of colours. Looking forward to see some Old West action. The "Legend of the..." is a really nice game mechanics.

  3. That first batch looks really good to me. Looking forward to the next batch.

  4. Thanks guys!

    I must admit I wasn't particulary inspired to finish the second posse, but thanks to your comments I think I have found the necessary will-power ... ;)

    Dalauppror, as we talked about last night I'm certainly up for some Wild West gaming if you are!