Wednesday 10 October 2012

Dark Ages Welsh 7

Well, today I finished the final miniatures for my Welsh starter force for Dux Britanniarum. My, that feels good! As usual it consists of: 3 units of 6 levies/pagenes, 2 units of 6 warriors/combrogi, one unit of 6 elites/teulus, one unit of 4 archers, 2 big men/lesser lords and a lord and his champion.

I couldn't resist mounting them on their movement trays and arrange them for a quick snap, although the archers are missing in the picture above. As usual, the image quality isn't the best (to say the least) but I'll try to get some better shots later. For now, here's a close-up of the lord and his champion (love that model by the way), flanked by the big men.

Actually I have a couple of more miniatures finished, and at the moment the standing for this "multi game project" is as follows (SAGA/Dux Brit/Dux Bell):

Teulu 4/6/18 – 10 done, 8 remaining
Combrogi 16/12/18 – 18 done
Combrogi, mounted 0/0/6 – 0 done, 6 remaining
Pagenes w bows 12/4/0 – 4 done, 8 remaining
Pagenes w spears 0/18/6 – 18 done

To sum it up, what remains to be painted are 8 teulus, 6 mounted combrogi and 8 archers. However, as I also want to be able to field the mounted combrogi in SAGA I will paint another 2 for a total of 8.

As I'm now getting a bit tired of the Welsh, and as a reward for myself, I will take a break from them for the rest of the month and paint some other bits and bobs I have laying around. I'll be sure to post some WIPs later.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very nice warband !!!

    Looking forward to play SAGA againt them.

    Best regards Michael

  2. Thanks Michael!

    Hopefully you will meet them in SAGA as well as in Dux Britanniarum (and maybe Dux Bellorum too?).

  3. Beautiful painting and basing for characterful miniatures.
    I would realy like to see them in a battle report of yours.
    You guys make for a great duet of wargamers.

  4. Thank you Ni. Tchirititch for your very kind words.

    Yes, hopefully you'll see them in a battle report before too long. In the meantime, I'll try to take some better pictures of the miniatures.

  5. Thanks! Reminds me I need to take some better photos of it.