Wednesday 29 June 2016

Ruined Columns

Here are the last terrain pieces I picked up at Salute back in April. Some ruined columns by The Square. They're maybe a bit more on the fantasy side, rather than the historical, but perhaps they could be used for an abandoned Roman villa in Dark Age Britain?

After drybrushing them with some sandy colours, I went to town with weathering, using a couple of watered down washes of greens and dirt browns. They were then finished off with various tufts, vines and turf/flocking materials.

Nice and easy, and scatter terrain will always come in handy for skirmish gaming.

As always, thanks for looking!


  1. Well those look just great Jonas and will come in very handy!


  2. They'll be fantastic on a table, wonderful stuff!

  3. Very nice, those vines really sell them!

  4. They look really nice and will fit in with many periods:)

  5. Cheers guys, much appreciated! Hopefully I will have some minis to show soon.

  6. Very nice details! As you said scatter terrain is always useful. /Mattias