Monday 11 January 2016

Projects for 2016

Out with the old, in with the new. Time to look forward and lay out my plans for this year.

FIW Civilians
As part of the deal when I sold off my FIW force, I agreed to take on a commission to paint 12 civilian models. This will be my first project for 2016 (in fact I've already started painting) and should be a rather quick affair.

Project F
The still "secret" project set in the early medievals, that was started back in December. There are a fair amount of models to paint and after the FIW models are done, this will be my sole focus for the first couple of months.

My long neglected Italian Wars project. I just can't stand having this unfinished for another year so I've come up with a new plan: I will use this force for Dragon Rampant. They should fit perfectly as a not-Warhammer Empire army. By my calculations there are no more than 30 models left to do, including gendarmes/cavalry, artillery and commanders. With talk about Dragon Rampant gaming at the club this will hopefully give me the incentive to finish this project.

And maybe, just maybe, something else for this period. Yes, a new project! However, this depends on finding suitable miniatures, something that has proved to be a bit of a challenge so far. Maybe I just have to bite the bullet and do some conversion work – though I'm not too keen on doing this for the majority of an army. We shall see.

I've long wanted to do something with my old Citadel lead. With the release of Dragon Rampant, I think I've found the perfect excuse to do some fantasy gaming. Apart from the Italian Wars army, I have more than enough models for at least two opposing forces (good and evil) but realistically I can only finish one during this year.

I also have an idea for a multi-player, small scale fantasy skirmish/RPG hybrid that I really want to do. As always, time will be the limiting factor here.

Operation Winter Storm
I'm planning on finishing this project during 2016. What's left to do are the whole Soviet side, a pretty sizeable project on its own, and a fair amount of terrain including buildings and woods, together with smaller stuff like jump-off points, trenches, roadblocks etc.

I'd better stop here before taking on too much. These projects should keep me sufficiently occupied during this year. At least until something new and shiny comes along and makes a mess of these carefully laid out plans – we all know how these things go!


  1. Good luck with the plans Jonas!

  2. Best of luck Jonas - intrigued about Project F.

    1. Thanks Michael! With any luck, we should be able to share the details about Project F any day now.

  3. Very nice plans matey! I to have started to work on some fantasy, have a bunch of old empire minis... But first something to beatup you Rohorim...

    I hop that projekt F Will turn out to the best so all our paintwork not Will have been in vain:)

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to your fantasy stuff!

      Don't worry about Project F – I have found an alternative use for the minis, should our initial plan not work out. ;)

  4. Italian wars will be so interesting! I'll come back!

  5. Good luck with your plans Jonas!