Friday 11 April 2014

On My Way to Salute

The shopping list is written, the show map is printed, the London transportation system hopefully decoded and the suitcase is packed (but with plenty of room for the planned haul). Yes, I'm ready for my trip to Salute.

Hopefully I'll be able to take pictures of some of the stuff that catches my eye – the camera in my mobile phone isn't always that reliable though. In any event, I'll post a report from the show during next week.

Have a great weekend everyone, even if you're not going to Salute!


  1. Have a great trip! Many things to see (and buy!) there for sure. I'm very envious.

  2. Very envious indeed !!!

    I hope you will have a good tripp with some greate pictures to share. Remember your most important Toffee Crisp ;)

    Best regards Michael