Sunday 19 May 2013

Novgorodians 4 – WIP

The final units for my initial Novgorod force for the Baltic Crusades project will be two units of city militia, each of 12 men. They will be armed with a mix of spears/hand weapons and bows/crossbows to get me some shooting power – apparently the Russians were greatly feared for this, something I'm of course hoping to re-create!

I'm doing all the models armed with spears and hand weapons first and here is a WIP picture of the first batch of those:

All the miniatures are from Gripping Beast's Early Russians range. Unfortunately, this part of the range is a bit hit-and-miss: some models are very nice while some not so. Also, they are quite slim, or perhaps I should say more "realistically" proportioned? Apparently the Beasties are "re-jigging" this range (I suspect it has something to do with one of the newly released factions for Saga) and it remains to been seen what comes of that.

Anyway, my plan is to use the archers and crossbowmen from the chunkier Medieval range. The match between these ranges is not that great, but I think it will look OK in the end – at least if I hide the shooters in the back ...

Finally, a warm welcome to the new follower Don Hans. I hope you'll like the blog and find something of interest here.


  1. Looking nice and strong, as always!

  2. They do look wonderful!

  3. I not actual seen these figures before, but they look pretty cool to me, nice one Jonas!

  4. Greate Start Jonas !!!

    Looking forward to get to grips with these with my Swedish Crusaders!

    Best regards Michael

  5. On the site they don't look great but yours do. Lovely stuff!

  6. Thanks guys! These are the "hit" ones. The next batch will be the misses ... ;)

    I think they'll all turn out nice enough when finished though.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Sean! I'm trying to keep the colours for the whole army varied but consistent, if that makes any sense. :)

  8. Great looking figures

    Thanks for following my lead warrior blog by the way - I have returned the compliment!