Saturday 29 September 2012

Dark Ages Welsh 6

As predicted, I didn't get much work done this week because of various obligations. On top of that I have caught a cold which has further hampered my work. Despite all this I nearly managed to finish the Pagenes. What remains are highlighting their flesh, painting and attaching the shields and drybrushing the bases before varnishing.  Sorry about the more-than-usually bad picture.

I still haven't decided wether to do a simple highlight on the clothes as well, as I usually do. They now look rather grubby with just the wash (which is appropriate for a bunch of farmers I guess), and stand out against the other, more "clean looking" troops.

The plan is to have them finished by Monday night, including the bases of all the miniatures finished thus far (yes, also the Combrogi and Teulus) and then it's just the Lord and his Champion left before I tackle the Anglo-Saxon's reinforcements for SAGA. The Welsh should definitely be done by my self imposed deadline of Monday the 8th, but I'm not so sure about the Saxons ...

Join me in a week to see if I'm on my way to make that deadline or not. Have a nice weekend and thanks for reading!


  1. Keep up the work:)

    Have you painted the 6 missing Saxons Levy for the game on tuesday?

    best regards Michael

  2. Hi Jonas,

    I really like this project.
    Westwinds are really tempting figures and I can't wait to see them in a battle repport.
    Hope you can make it for the 8th.


  3. Thanks guys!

    Dalauppror, actually I ordered a bunch of Anglo-Saxon levies from Gripping Beast but unfortunately they haven't turned up yet.

    Ni. Tchirititch, the Westwind figs are really quite nice (despite being a bit fiddly with their separate heads). I have a couple of other packs as well, for a "secret" future project, and the command packs especially are superb and full of character. It's a pity they haven't bothered to put pictures up of all the packs though. I think they loose a fair number of sales that way.