Sunday 15 September 2013

German Panzergrenadiers for Chain of Command

Dalauppror and I have been talking about trying out Chain of Command, the new WW2 platoon level game from Too Fat Lardies. Suddenly an opportunity presented itself on this Sunday (today!), and so we schedueled in a test-game. On Monday night, after coming home from another game in our A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict campaign, I rummaged through my old 15 mm WW2 stuff and dug up my Late War Germans. These were used for playing Crossfire and I Ain't Been Shot Mum! around four or five years ago, and haven't been used since. The paint jobs are not the best to be honest, and the basing is a mixed bag, but they will have to do.

After checking the German list in Chain of Command, I had a good idea of what I needed to do to bring my force up to the required strength: a whole 5 new miniatures were in required in total – a senior leader, a Panzerschreck team and two regular riflemen (although the miniatures are armed with panzerfausts). I also had to rebase about 10 miniatures, eg pairing off some of the LMG teams that weren't on separate bases and doing some singel based miniatures for casualty removal.

So after some frantic painting and (re-)basing this is my new(ish) Panzergrenadier platoon with support:

The miniatures are from Battlefront. However, the senior leader and the panzerschreck team are from Peter Pig, as well as most of the support.

The old bases got a quick facelift with some tufts. Hopefully this also took the edge off the garish static grass used ...

I had some support options painted up from earlier as you can see below. Some tripod mounted MG42s and a 81 mm mortar team, as well as a forward observer and a PAK 40.

Tripod mounted MG42s (PP).
Foward Observer (BF).
Platoon commander in front of the PAK 40 (PP).
81 mm mortar and Panzerschreck team (all PP).
It was certainly interesting to go back to painting 15 mm after having painted 28 mm exclusively for the last 2 years or so. For one thing, I think my eyesight is getting worse – I don't remember them being this small ... Still, they're certainly quicker to paint than the larger scale! If the test game goes well, we'll probably go the 28 mm route though.

However, all this 15 mm painting has unfortunately meant that I've not had the time to work on the miniatures for Röda nävar. Consequently, they've been pushed back a couple of weeks. I'm still determined to get them finished though.


  1. Very nice work, and I like the barrels on the walls of buildings too!

  2. Very nice Pictures Jonas ! They did a good jobb in stoping the American advance...

  3. The figures look good. I'll be interested to see what you guys think of CoC.

  4. Good looking troops, Jonas! It's great to bring old figures out of storage for a new set of rules. I'm curious about CoC so looking forward to hearing about the demo!

  5. Thanks guys!

    We had a very entertaining game of CoC yesterday. The rules were great – they certainly live up to the hype in my opinion. But there are a lot to digest, lots of little details and nuances that it will take time to fully grasp and master.

    I took some snaps, as did Michael, so there will be some AARs with more in depth thoughts.

  6. You state they are old troops and not looking so good, but I disagree and think they look great!


    1. Thanks Christopher, that's very kind of you!